Vending Payment Systems

Creating the ideal vending experience involves fast, easy-to-use technology so customers can grab their snack and go. Vending machines have longer-term deployment cycles with infrequent maintenance and the need for reliable, future-proofed hardware to receive payments accurately and efficiently. To succeed in such circumstances, specially-designed hardware is essential. Our team understands that it’s simply not feasible to re-purpose “retail-oriented” payment devices to unattended scenarios like Vending.

Unattended Solutions

Unattended solutions need to be durable and rugged, but must also be progressive in payment technologies and easy to use. ID TECH can provide cashless acceptance to the traditionally cash-driven vending markets and pioneered unattended environments. Adding ID TECH’s VP6300 to vending solutions allows for more payment options, loyalty transactions, price flexibility, and creates low-cost sale opportunities. 

NFC Solutions

Vending solutions require unattended, versatile devices that can be incorporated into normal or specialized products such as a touch-free self-checkout vending machine. Incorporating ID TECH’s VP3300 OEM into a vending machine allows for easy integrations and NFC payments for customers.This product is advantageous because it can be modified for vending machines and vending tablets for convenient adaptability purposes.   

Micro Market Solutions

Vending machines need simplified technology for customer use. Adopting current trends creates opportunities to adapt new payment methods and device technologies. The VP6800 has a glass touch screen and allows for EMV, MagStripe, and NFC payments in an unattended environment. The VP6800 can also display video advertisements and provides an interactive payment experience for indoor and outdoor environments. It is an ideal vending solution because of the benefits it adds to payment processing. 

Slide Featured Products VP6825: PIN on glass unattended payment device.
Slide Featured Products VP6800: PIN on Glass digital display payment device.
Slide Featured Products VP6300: PCI 5.x certified outdoor payment peripheral. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP3300 OEM: EMV 3-in-1 OEM Module. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW

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