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Kiosk III

A robust, compact NFC reader that supports contactless cards, mobile payments, and loyalty programs.

MiniMag Duo

A dual-headed magstripe reader that reads cards regardless of the orientation of the magnetic strip.

MiniMag II

A card reader that can read up to three tracks of magstripe data regardless of swipe direction.


A PCI-compliant magnetic stripe card reader that encrypts data complying with PCI-DSS requirements.

Spectrum Air

A weather-resistant dual-headed magnetic stripe insert reader ready for outdoor environments.

Spectrum III Hybrid

A hybrid insert card reader that can read both magnetic stripe cards and smart cards.

Spectrum III MOIR

A Magstripe-Only Insert Reader that can read and encrypt up to three tracks of magnetic stripe data.

UniMag II

A mobile magstripe reader that communicates with phones and tablets via the audio headphone jack.


A versatile full-sized POS keyboard featuring a built-in MagStripe reader with customizable output.

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