EV Charging Station Payment Solutions

The growing market for electric vehicles has led to a higher demand for EV charging stations. It has also brought on the need for flexible, secure, and fast payment solutions that provide customers an efficient experience for app-based, contactless, and PIN pad payment authorization. In an unattended environment, it is also important for these EV charging stations to have a secure device that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Ruggedly Designed

EV Charging Stations are used in an unattended environment – meaning that there is no retailer there to ensure the payment device is secure and working properly. As a result, unattended devices require durable payment solutions that are able to weather extreme outdoor conditions while still being able to properly function. ID TECH tests our products in the hottest desert temperatures and the coldest snowy temperatures before releasing them. As such, our products have the durability to withstand nearly all weather conditions.

Easy to Use

Customers at an EV Charging Station want payment solutions that are easy-to-use, fast, and keep their data secure. The ease of use of a station’s payment solutions are important because they add value to consumer transactions by emphasizing simple screen interactions, increasing payment options and decreasing the time spent at an EV charging station. ID TECH’s Kiosk IV NFC contactless solution can be added to EV Charging Stations to provide an additional payment option that is easy to use and supports the latest trends in payment technologies.

Flexible Payment Options

Just like the growth in the electric vehicle market, the market for payment options has also grown over the years. As a result, it is important that an EV Charging Station’s payment devices provide an end-to-end offering with omnichannel capabilities – allowing for contactless, PIN pad, and app-based payment authorization. ID TECH provides a full range of industry-leading payment devices to meet the payment preferences of any electric vehicle owner.

Slide Featured Products VP6825: PIN on glass unattended payment device. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP3300 OEM EXT: A wide operating temperature and a sealed connector makes it ready for challenging weather.
VP3300 OEM EXT payment module for kiosks SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW
Slide Featured Products The ViVOpay VP6800 is an all-in-one PCI PTS 5.x SRED certified unattended payment device accepting all of today’s most popular payment methods.

Slide Featured Products VP5300 Bundle: Our unattended payment device bundle featuring the VP5300, VP5300 NFC Antenna, and SmartPIN L100. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products The VP5300 is a PCI-PTS certified Magstripe-EMV smart card hybrid insert reader that is ideal for outdoor, unattended payments. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW

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