Parking Solutions
Payment solutions for parking have particular requirements in order to keep your technology safe and working efficiently. Weather resistance, constraints involving electrical power, and infrequent maintenance are factors to consider when using these solutions in the outdoor environment. ID TECH understands these demands, and provides optimal solutions for your unattended payment situations.

ID TECH is committed to bringing innovative technology to your digital loyalty program. Through our new tap-and-go technology, it is easier than ever for your customers to redeem rewards, access concerts and sporting events, and so much more. In this age of online retail, retailers are competing to gain market share with new customers – boost your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market share with ID TECH’s digital loyalty solutions.


Whether you’re at the airport, train station, or subway station, you need payment solutions that are durable, reliable, and easy to operate. People from across the globe use payment terminals and related technology everyday to easily board public transportation, or register luggage and tickets at the airport. That’s why ID TECH provides rugged, sleek payment solutions that will create an enjoyable and simple user experience for all of your customer


Creating the ideal vending experience involves fast, easy-to-use technology so that customers can grab their snack and go. Vending machines have longer-term deployment cycles, with infrequent maintenance and the need for reliable, future-proofed hardware to receive payments accurately and efficiently. To succeed in such circumstances, specially designed hardware is essential. Our team understands that it’s simply not feasible to re-purpose “retail-oriented” payment devices to unattended scenarios like Vending.

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