Parking Solutions

Payment solutions for parking have particular requirements in order to keep your technology safe and working efficiently. Weather resistance, constraints involving electrical power, and infrequent maintenance are factors to consider when using these solutions in the outdoor environment. ID TECH understands these demands, and provides optimal solutions for your unattended payment situations.

Parking Meter Solutions

Parking meters are outdoor unattended solutions that require rugged designs to withstand outside temperatures. Some parking meters–especially those that are solar powered–have specific power requirements and can only support devices with low energy consumption. ID TECH offers a number of ruggedized, weatherproof, and low power consumption devices to meet these specific needs, including the VP5300 MagStripe-EMV hybrid insert reader.

OEM Integration Solutions

Like other verticals, Parking solutions must have inclusive payment options for their customer base. ID TECH offers a variety of OEM components that can be integrated into custom parking solutions, including EMV card readers, MagStripe card readers, NFC readers, and PIN pads. Additionally, ID TECH’s VP6800 all-in-one payment device can also be added into previously established hardware as an ideal upgrade path for parking payment kiosks.

Tokenization Solutions of Data – Card In/Card Out

Tokenization in data security is the substituting of a sensitive data element with a non-sensitive equivalent, or token, that has no value. The tokenization system must be secured and validated with secure data protection practices and authorization. ID TECH’s VP5300’s card in and out technology quickens customer transactions while our tokenization method maintains a secure payment environment. Our solution is one of convenience and necessity because customers have been moving away from chip and PIN transactions but still need the same secure environments. 

Slide Featured Products VP5300 Bundle: Includes our VP5300, VP5300 NFC Antenna, and SMARTPIN 100 products for unattended payment environments. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP5300M Bundle: Includes the VP5300M, VP5300 NFC Antenna, and the SMARTPIN 100 OR SMARTPINL80 for unattended payment environments. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP6800: PIN on Glass digital display payment devices.
VP6300: PCI 5.x certified outdoor payment peripheral.
Slide Featured Products Kiosk IV for validators and gates / turn-stiles. Industry leading compact contactless payment solution. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products Zeus: An outdoor all-in-one touchscreen computer SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW

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