ATM Card Readers

Our team understands the demands of ATM payment solutions, which is why our products provide you secure, rugged, and future-proofed hardware to ensure quality outcomes. ATM machines are often located in areas with limited security, or poor law enforcement coverage, resulting in high vulnerability to vandalism and tampering. ID TECH’s ATM payment solutions are designed with the rigors of unattended operation in mind.

Ruggedly Designed Solutions

Unattended environments require durable products that are able to weather extreme outside conditions while still being able to properly function. ID TECH tests our products in the hottest desert temperatures and the coldest snowy temperatures before releasing them. As such, our products have the durability to withstand nearly all weather conditions.     

Secure & Reliable Solutions

Data breaches from a payment security lapse can result in losing customers and millions of dollars in income for the company involved. However, ID TECH offers a number of SRED compliant devices that offer advanced data encryption while keeping merchant environments safe. Additionally, all of our products have the latest security certifications to protect cardholder data traveling in vulnerable transaction environments. Adopting a solution from ID TECH will decrease the chance of a data breach while maintaining the expectation of quick ATM transactions. 

Easy to Use Solutions

ATM vendors may have specific proprietary requirements or support unique proprietary

functionality, while consumers prize payment solutions that are as quick as possible while still keeping their data secure. These solutions are important because they add value to consumer transactions by emphasizing easy screen interactions, increasing payment options and decreasing the time spent at an ATM. ID TECH’s Kiosk IV NFC contactless solution can be added to ATMs to provide an additional payment option that is easy to use and supports the latest trends in payment technologies.

Slide Featured Products Kiosk V: Contactless reader ideal for ATMs & self-service applications. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP5300 Bundle: Includes the VP5300, VP5300 NFC Antenna, and the SMARTPIN 100 OR SMARTPINL80 for unattended payment environments. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP5300M Bundle: Includes our VP5300M, VP5300 NFC Antenna, and SMARTPIN 100 products for unattended payment environments. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products Kiosk III: Contactless payment peripheral that supports the latest in contactless payment technology from credit cards to mobile payments and loyalty. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products Zeus: An outdoor all-in-one touchscreen computer SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW

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