Secure Banking Solutions

ID TECH knows the customer’s experience depends on their very first impression. That’s why we’ve created a banking solution that helps your customers have a quick in-and-out visit with just a push of a few buttons. At ID TECH, we’ve designed a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use PCI-certified mobile PIN Pad specifically for banks and credit unions.

Instant Issuance Re-PIN-ing

When integrated with an instant issuance solution, banks can quickly issue clients a new card and establish a new PIN allowing the customer to use the card immediately as opposed to waiting 7-10 days at the mailbox for their new card.

Secure and Reliable

Data breaches are devastating situations that can result in the loss of business and trust. ID TECH can help you protect yourself from the start when you adopt our banking solution. This ensures your cardholder’s data is secure and protected. The VP3600 is PCI 5.X certified and supports two-factor authentication for account access and secure PIN entry.

Seamless Integration

ID TECH’s banking solution is a USB HID device that can be seamlessly integrated into existing Windows-supported banking systems.  An easy-to-integrate SDK allows your solution to quickly support the secure functions of the VP3600.

Slide Featured Products The VP3600 is a compact, PCI certified mobile PIN Pad. Perfect for banks and credit unions.

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