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Interactive Touchscreen Display Overview

Panel PCs for Outdoor Interactive Touchscreen Displays

With the possibility of extremely wide temperatures and torrential rain, outdoor environments are extremely rough on outdoor digital displays. ID TECH’s line of outdoor panel PCs are designed to meet the same ruggedized environments as our unattended payment hardware. From heat to cold to rain to direct sun, ID TECH’s outdoor interactive touchscreen displays will survive your outdoor environment requirements.

Panel PCs for Indoor Interactive Touchscreen Displays

To help find a solution to the issues facing the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry (employment challenges, faster service), food ordering kiosks have begun to increase in adoption as users are more digitally savvy and are more familiar with general kiosk usage (transportation kiosks, airport check-in, etc). Studies have found that customers are more receptive to upselling additional items from a kiosk as opposed to an offer from an individual resulting in increased ticket values as well as customers expressing more positive feedback to use of QSR kiosk.

ID TECH is not only to offer payment solutions for QSR ordering kiosks but are also able to provide integrated panel PCs for the QSR market. By supporting microphones integrated within the interactive touchscreen display, ID TECH is able to also support newer AI ordering applications.

Customization to Meet Your Interactive Touchscreen Display Needs

ID TECH has a proud history of developing custom solutions that meet our customer’s needs which also extends to the Industrial Panel PC line of products. Whether it is different operating systems, memory sizes, ports, environments, etc. there is a panel PC that will meet your need.


An all-in-one panel-mount touchscreen computer perfect for outdoor self-service payment solutions.

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