Loyalty Program Contactless Readers

ID TECH is committed to bringing innovative technology to your digital loyalty program. Through our new tap-and-go technology, it is easier than ever for your customers to redeem rewards, access concerts and sporting events, and so much more. In this age of online retail, retailers are competing to gain market share with new customers; boost your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market share with ID TECH’s digital loyalty solutions.

Loyalty Solutions

With large crowds entering and stadium venues, adding a loyalty solution that allows for payments and the accumulation of loyalty perks and points is a practical answer.
See how ID TECH PiP helps Ingresson.com with access control at the Rock in Rio Music Festival, a 7-day event averaged 100,000 people is attendance each day.

Reward Solutions

The most important parts of quick service restaurants are how fast, cost-effective, and convenient their services are. Quick service restaurants need technology that is able to keep up with the high turnover of a large number of clientele. QSRs can add the VP3300 to their tablets to create a solution that allows for host communication via USB, flexible NFC payments, and loyalty transactions. Loyalty transactions can retain customers for quick service restaurants with competitive promotions. 

Unattended Solutions

Museums are institutions that conserve collections or artifacts of various importance. Depending on the exhibit, museums can draw dozens to thousands of people. As a result, museums need unique payment devices that possess modern payment options while still catering to the needs of clients. Adding the Kiosk IV or the PiP allows museums to use NFC payment technology with the option of loyalty and rewards features as well.

Slide Featured Products Kiosk V: Contactless reader ideal for ATMs & self-service applications. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products PiP: ID TECH’s latest NFC innovation will be perfect for merchants’ evolving brands. The PiP allows you to redeem rewards, centralize your loyalty program, access sporting events and concerts, and much more. SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products Kiosk IV for validators and gates / turn-stiles: Industry leading compact contactless payment solution SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW Slide Featured Products VP3300: Industry leading compact contactless payment solution SEE THE SPECS DEMO IT NOW

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