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OEM Overview

Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer? Need to integrate a card reader or NFC antenna into your own Point of Sale system? Have an idea for a product that needs barcode scanning, magstripe decoding, or chip-card reading? Get in touch with us!

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of payment hardware, with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and Shanghai (and design team in China and the U.S.), ID TECH is well positioned to serve the OEM market. We can be your manufacturing partner on any aspect of any design requiring payment capability.

ID TECH is a full-service, ┬ávertically integrated manufacturer with full control over design and production of its card readers, from blueprint to finished assembly, and we have decades of experience producing white-label products, custom components, and tailored integrations for equipment makers of all kinds. We even produce our own custom ASIC (Trimag IV) to handle secure card reading and transaction processing┬á “on a chip.”

Some of the biggest names in electronics come to us for their custom component needs. So if you’re an Original Equipment Manufacturer, or have a specific white-label need, contact our experts today!

Featured Products

MiniSmart II

EMV L1/L2 Certified Contact Reader Module for OEM Integration.

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VP3300 OEM

3-in-1 MagStripe, EMV Contact and EMV Contactless Reader for OEM Integration.

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Secure MagStripe Read Head Module for OEM Integration.

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MagStripe Read Head Module with PCI SRED Certification for OEM Integration.

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MSR Assemblies

Customizable MagStripe Rail Assemblies for OEM Integration.

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TriMag IV

PCI SRED Triple-Track Decoding ASIC
with Micro Processor and Encryption Engine.

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