Revolutionizing Vehicle Commerce: Insights from EV Charging Summit & Expo

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in vehicle commerce! At ID TECH, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Our recent participation at the EV Charging Summit and Expo in Las Vegas was not just an opportunity to showcase our innovative payment products but also a platform to delve into the intricate dynamics of the EV ecosystem.

One of the highlights of the event was our Chief Technology Officer, George Jiang, taking part in a thought-provoking panel discussion on “Vehicle Commerce: Nuts and Bolts of Payments, Parking, and Charging,” alongside Todd Bellion, Director of Payment Facilitation and Integrated Payments of Payroc, and Max Venn-Russell, Director of New Business of NMI.

During the panel discussion, George emphasized the necessity for payment devices that are ready for all types of payments and reliable in a challenging outdoor environment.

1. Extended Operating Temperature: Thriving in Extreme Conditions

From scorching summer days to freezing winter nights, EV charging stations are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. One of the primary challenges faced by payment devices integrated into EV chargers is the necessity to operate reliably across a wide range of temperatures.

George highlighted that ID TECH differentiates itself from competitors by engineering payment devices capable of withstanding extended temperature ranges from -40°C to 85°C (-40 °F to 185 °F), ready to be embedded in an EV charger where the electric currents generate excessive heat. By designing products for specific extended temperature ranges and extreme environments, ID TECH ensures the life span of our products won’t be negatively impacted by the heat, saving a significant amount of maintenance costs. 

2. Water Resistance: Defying the Elements

In addition to temperature extremes, EV charging stations are often subjected to moisture and inclement weather conditions. Rain, snow, or even splashes from nearby vehicles can pose a threat to the functionality of payment devices.

George introduced how ID TECH raised the bar for internal water-resistant testing:

“In the international standard waterproof test, the streams of water only apply to the device for three minutes, which is very short…When we do our test, we do ten continuous days. Each day, we do water spray for 30 minutes. And [at the end of the ten days] we open the unit to see if there is any water in it.”

With robust sealing and protective measures in place, our payment devices are engineered to defy the elements, guaranteeing reliable operation even in a harsh winter storm.

3. Seamless User Experience: Easy integration

From contactless payments to mobile app integrations, staying ahead of the curve is essential for meeting the demands of tomorrow’s EV ecosystem. George stressed the significance of ensuring a frictionless experience for EV charger manufacturers when it comes to payment.

“People who make EV chargers do not want to get involved in learning how the payment works. The ease of integration and the ability to provide a turnkey solution is extremely important.”

Partnering with payment gateways and payment processors, like NMI and Payroc, ID TECH can get EV chargers and parking facilities on board with card and mobile payments quickly and securely by providing an all-in-one payment solution.

As we reflect on our participation at the EV Charging Summit and Expo, it’s evident that the EV charging industry holds immense promise. Equipped with vision and expertise, we are poised to improve the EV charging payment experience and usher in a new era of sustainable mobility.

At ID TECH, we are passionate about driving innovation in unattended payment. With our powerful payment products and software services, we aim to redefine the way payments, charging, and parking intersect in the electrified transportation landscape.

Stay tuned as we continue to push boundaries, forge partnerships, and drive innovation in the electrified future of transportation. Learn more about our products by visiting the EV Charging Payment Solutions page.

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