Loyalty Trends in the Mobile Industry

Digital loyalty programs are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect with their customers and gain market share. But as the use of mobile payment platforms increase, how do organizations utilize mobile payment hardware to successfully manage and track transactions, while creating an enjoyable purchasing experience?

As a global leader in payment technology, ID TECH is examining loyalty solutions in various industries to see what companies are doing to enhance customer retention and stay ahead of their competition. In our most recent blogs, we examined loyalty trends in the transit and vending industries. Now, join us as we explore the top loyalty trends in the mobile industry:

Loyalty Apps

Loyalty programs are a great tactic that companies can use to show customer appreciation and drive retention. Because we live in a technology-driven world, a majority of consumers have their own smartphone that they take wherever they go. As such, many companies are integrating their loyalty programs into applications. This allows consumers to keep better track of their rewards and influences them to make frequent purchases in order to earn rewards points.

Points and Rewards

Reward points can be earned via mobile app or through an in-store purchase. Customers that are a part of the loyalty program are able to cash in their points for special discount offers or free items. There are multiple ways customers can wrack up points:

  • Social sharing to promote sweepstakes
  • Checking in on social media and/or their loyalty app
  • Participating in special offers, such as ‘Buy 2, Get 1 Free’ etc.
  • Participating in gamification incorporations, such as ‘Spin the Wheel’

Mobile Coupons

Because everything is transitioning to mobile, companies are taking things such as coupons and making them available on technology as well. Now, customers don’t have to worry about going out, buying the local paper and cutting up coupons. They can simply subscribe to the store loyalty program and receive mobile coupons via email, text, or mobile app.

In-Store Sign-Ups

Although a majority of people are switching to mobile loyalty solutions, there is still some difficulty when it comes to getting previous generation to participate. To combat this, many companies have employees dedicated to helping them sign up while they’re in the store. They walk them through the process and get them set up.

The ID TECH Solution

ID TECH is a leader in providing innovative loyalty payment solutions to organizations across the globe. Through our new tap-and-go technology, it is easier than ever for your customers to redeem rewards, access concerts and sporting events, and so much more. In this age of online retail, retailers are competing to gain market share with new customers; boost your brand awareness, customer loyalty, and market share with ID TECH’s digital loyalty solutions.

One of our latest loyalty solutions, the VP3300, allows you to incorporate triple-tracks MagSTripe, smart card, and contactless technologies. This all-in-one reader enables the acceptance of NFC/ contactless payments including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Interac, MasterCard MCL, and more. Learn more about the VP3300 and download the datasheet here.


ID TECH is a leading payment peripheral provider with expertise in magnetic stripe, EMV contact, EMV contactless, and OEM customization solutions.  We have a strong foundation and continued success rooted in card readers and are always expanding our product offering to provide innovative solutions for the ever-evolving payments industry.  Payment security is an integral part of our product offering, and ID TECH as a company prides itself at being at the forefront of payment security in our design, development, manufacturing, and sales processes.

To learn more about ID TECH, please visit our about page.

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