VP5300 Bundle with SmartPIN L80

Includes our VP5300, VP5300 NFC Antenna, and SmartPIN L80 products for unattended payment environments.

The VP5300 Bundle

The VP5300 Bundle, when paired with the VP5300 NFC Antenna and SmartPIN L80, can accept all payment options from ChipPIN to NFC/mobile wallet solutions. The VP5300 Bundle leads the industry in low power consumption and ruggedness with its metal bezel, IK10, and IP65 ratings. Perfect for transit and parking environments, the VP5300 Bundle offers a versatile, unattended solution.

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Featured Products

SmartPIN L80

The SmartPIN L80 is designed for unattended solutions where encrypted Chip & PIN entry is required & comes with or without LCD display.

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VP5300 delivers MSR, EMV, and NFC payment acceptance, security, and reliability into unattended payment applications such as Parking, Fueling, ATM, Ticketing, and Payment Kiosks.

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VP5300 NFC Antenna

The VP5300 NFC Antenna is designed to be attached to the VP5300 to support all popular contactless payment methods including contactless cards and mobile devices.

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Key Features

All-in-one secure payment acceptance

Weather resistant, rugged design

Supports all major mobile wallets

Secure design for unattended situations

PCI Certified Remote Key Injection

Can pair with L100 for Chip-PIN transactions

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