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ID TECH’s card readers benefit from the well-proven ID TECH EMV L2 Common Kernel Version V1.10.037, which supports the company’s family of EMV L1 approved products. Because the L2 Common Kernel runs in its own scope, separate from any other firmware, its certification is independent of other modules. As a result, once a customer has certified a Level 3 contact EMV payment solution containing any ID TECH Common Kernel product, integrating an additional Common Kernel product requires no new L3 certification.

This gives customers enormous flexibility when there is a need to upgrade hardware, or add new EMV payment solutions. Just add the new product and go! No need to start from scratch on a costly L3 approval. Many ID TECH customers have been able to accelerate time to market with new products due to this capability. Why settle for anything less?

ID TECH simplifies and accelerates EMV Level 3 certifications by implementing a common EMV Contact Kernel across all EMV capable solutions. Certifying one device means immediate certification of the entire family of products!

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