ID TECH Welcomes SmartPIN L80

Cypress, CA – February 8, 2022 – ID TECH is pleased to introduce the SmartPIN L80, designed for unattended solutions where encrypted Chip & PIN entry is required, to their line of payment products.

The compact footprint of the SmartPIN L80 allows for PIN Entry and enables Chip & PIN transactions when paired with VP5300 or VP5300M. The whole solution is perfect for kiosks and unattended solutions requiring chip card support. Some examples of usage are fuel dispensers, ticket vending machines, parking kiosks, and various other unattended verticals.

ID TECH understands that in today’s purchasing environment, businesses need to be more customer-centric to successfully capture consumer demand and capitalize on spending habits. Unattended payment solutions, such as those from ID TECH, support businesses by addressing consumer wants and needs as they relate to speed, security, convenience, and overall purchase experience.

ID TECH works with customers who, in some cases, have done large deployments of unattended devices — including not just magstripe-reading devices, but chip-card readers and PIN-entry keypads — and they’ve found that the unique requirements of unattended operation have profound implications for the hardware that’s used. The SmartPIN L80 features a compact footprint, PCI PTS 6.X, user-friendly tactile keys, extensive temperature range, low power consumption, AES & TDES encryption, and more.

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About ID TECH 

ID TECH is a global leader in payment peripherals, with sales, manufacturing, and R&D facilities around the world. The company has become a well-established payment solutions provider with extensive experience in data capturing and encryption products and services. Designing dependable, feature-rich products has made ID TECH a leading supplier of MagStripe readers/writers, mobile payment readers, contactless readers, smart card readers, barcode readers, POS keyboards, signature capture devices, PCI-compliant PIN pads, and other specialty products for OEMs, VARs, resellers, distributors, and key end users. ID TECH provides both standard and custom solutions to support customer requirements.

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