UniPay III Mobile Audio Jack MSR, Smart Card, and Contactless Reader

Compact Magnetic Stripe, SmartCard, and Contactless Reader

ID TECHs UniPay III represents the latest innovation in secure mobile payment acceptance. The UniPay III incorporates triple-track MagStripe, smart card, and contactless technologies. With this all-inone mobile reader, it enables the acceptance of MagStripe, EMV smart card, and NFC/contactless payments including Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MasterCard PayPass, Visa VCPS, American Express ExpressPay, Discover DPAS, and more.

Mobile Form Factor and Audio Jack Interface

ID TECHs UniPay III communicates to the host via the audio jack port and is supported on Apple, Windows, and Android platforms with a SDK, to allow for simple and easy integration into mobile payment applications. Also featured, is a USB port which can be used for charging or communication with a PC or Android USB which can be used for charging or communication with a PC or Android USB. TheUniPay III’s efficient design minimizes power consumption to the host device’s batter life.

Payment Certification

UniPay III is contact and contactless EMV Level 1 and Level 2 approved and uses DUKPT key management and TDES/AES encryption to ensure magnetic stripe, smart card, and contactless transactions are encrypted and transmitted securely to the host device.

The UniPay III’s form factor is the industrys smallest of its class and carries on ID TECH’s excellence in mobile payments. Compatible with a wide range of phones and tablets, the UniPay III delivers merchants with a cross platform and cross technology solution

Along with the ID TECH Universal SDK and common EMV L2 kernel implementation, the UniPay III simplifies integration and certification for partners looking to migrate to EMV in a mobile environment.

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