Touch Dynamic

ID TECH Product Selected:

MiniSmart II & SecureHead OEM


Touch Dynamic, industry-leading provider of POS All-In-One Touch Terminals Workstations and enterprise Ruggedized tablets, has integrated the ID TECH EMV MiniSmart II and Securehead MSR OEM modules into their latest generation workstation All-In-Ones and Quest II & III mobile tablets. With the inclusion of ID TECH’s payment devices, Touch Dynamic’s solutions were quickly enabled for certified EMV transactions to major processors. With ID TECH’s payment modules, Touch Dynamic solutions deliver best in class payment acceptance with full EMV certifications and end to end encryption.

“With so much activity in EMV payment integration, Touch Dynamic turned to ID Tech for not only their payment modules but also for the knowledge and education they bring to the table. As an industry leader in payment integration, ID Tech provided Touch Dynamic with a best in class payment solution that integrated seamlessly with our Quest Tablet, making it the first fully-integrated EMV level 3 certified ruggedized tablet in the POS market.”

–Craig Paritz, Touch Dynamic President


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