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What is Remise?

Remise established the first one-stop EC multi-payment service center in Japan in 2001 that can provide various methods of payment including credit card payment, payment at convenience stores, electronic money payment, and bank payment. Today Remise has become one of the leading payment service centers in Japan with implementation to more than 6,000 stores.

“Most customers whom we implement our solutions receive a considerable amount of daily orders. SREDKey helps them enter a large number of customer information highly efficiently. It allows manual entry of credit card information, and the data gets encrypted immediately after the entry. The number key is easy to type. Besides, the USB can be connected in not only USB mode but also in HID mode. We need the HID for the exclusive control to integrate with our application. SREDKey perfectly meets our needs. Our customers have saved costs and operating time with SREDKey.”

– Sato Arimichi (Managing Director of REMISE Corporation)

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