Parking Payment Devices: 4 Questions to Ask

Parking payment devices have come a long way, especially in the last few years as unattended and contactless payment trends have skyrocketed. For many years, parking lots, garages, and single-space meters were known to accept predominantly cash. However, we are starting to see a majority shift toward electronic payment acceptance.  

The introduction of payment methods other than cash cleared the way for reduced queue times and a more efficient payment process for customers. As new payment hardware and software options continue to make their way to the parking industry, it is important to be aware of what differentiates a mediocre system from a great one. 

In order to do so, ask yourself these four questions when deciding which payment technology to implement into your parking services process: 

Is it easy to use for your customers? 

 Your number one goal should be to find a payment solution that is both aesthetically pleasing in its design, yet functional and easy-to-use. You should think of your payment process like an experience, with the goal of making it easy for your customers every step of the way. They should never have to question what step they need to take next or how to operate the parking payment machine.  

Try asking yourself the following: 

  • When the customer first approaches the machine, is it easy to understand where to start? 
  • Is it clear where to insert bills, coins, credit cards, etc.? 
  • Does the machine let the customer know what to do next? 

Does it compete with current trends and preferred payments? 

As mentioned, we have seen a major shift in payment preferences with a majority of people leaning toward credit and debit cards, as well as mobile wallets. Additionally, amid ongoing concerns around COVID-19, age-old industries are rethinking their daily operations. Parking is no exception. According to, 49 countries in the last year have announced contactless payment transaction limit increases, with an average of increase of 131%. 

Does the device offer Smart solutions? 

As technology evolves and advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to make an appearance, we are likely to see more and more unattended payment solutions within the parking industry. Since we are seeing less in-person exchanges within the parking industry, it is important that your payment technology provides a human-like encounter and answers customer questions along the way. AI is already a part of the fabric of parking and as it becomes more common, there will be even more potential for what it can achieve for parking services.  

Is the equipment rugged enough? 

 When choosing payment hardware for the outdoors, it is important to look for devices with specific Ingress Protections (or IP Rating) which are designed to withstand the demands of severe weather conditions. Do you need a device that can operate in extreme heat or cold? Do you need a device that can operate while wet? Do you need a device that will still operate while interacting with dust particles? At what level do you need these protections?  Search for a device that has a weatherized exterior that allows it to survive harsh natural elements. 

You should also consider what Impact Protection or IK Rating you want your device to have. An IK Rating is a rating that determines how much an enclosure protects your device from external impacts such as pressure or being dropped. An IK Rating will tell you the force of impact your device can withstand if an accident occurs.  A device with a weatherized, rugged exterior is key for parking environments. 

ID TECH Parking Solutions 

Payment solutions for parking have specific requirements in order to keep your technology safe and working efficiently. Weather resistance, constraints involving electrical power, and infrequent maintenance are factors to consider when using these solutions in the outdoor environment. ID TECH understands these demands and provides optimal solutions for your unattended payment situations. 

The ID TECH VP6800 is a PIN-on-Glass parking solution that is versatile and able to be customized based on merchant needs.  The VP6800 can be purchased with outdoor rugged features that can withstand harsh weather conditions such as high triple-digit temperatures or low single-digit temperatures. Certified with the latest payment technologies, the VP6800 can support the most popular payment methods such as EMV contact and contactless, MagStripe, and all major mobile wallets. It also features an optional camera that scans 2D QR codes and functions as a security device.  

To learn more about the VP6800, click here.  

About ID TECH 

ID TECH has established a solid reputation in the industry as a leading payment peripheral provider with magnetic stripe, EMV contact, and EMV contactless expertise. We are also an OEM payment solution provider with the capability and willingness to customize solutions to fit our customers’ needs. With a strong foundation and continued success rooted in card readers, ID TECH is currently expanding its reach in the ever-evolving payments industry. 

To learn more about ID TECH, please visit our about page. 

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