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The VP5300 is a PCI-PTS certified Magstripe-EMV smart card hybrid insert reader that is ideal for outdoor, unattended payments. The VP5300 can be integrated with ID TECH’s PIN pads to support Chip and PIN solutions.

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SmartPIN L100

ID TECH’s L100 is a PCI 4.x certified PIN Entry Device designed for outdoor unattended Chip and PIN operations.

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VP5300 NFC Antenna

The VP5300 NFC Antenna is designed to be attached to the VP5300 to support all popular contactless payment methods including contactless cards and mobile devices.

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Kiosk III

The ViVOpay Kiosk III supports the latest in contactless payment technology from contactless credit cards to mobile payments and loyalty.

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Kiosk IV

The ViVOpay Kiosk IV is a compact, single piece NFC contactless solution certified with the latest contactless brand specifications and mobile wallet technologies.

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The VP6300 is the ideal solution for vending machine operators looking for a secure cashless solution supporting magnetic stripe, EMV Chip and contactless cards, and NFC mobile payments including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and popular loyalty programs including Apple VAS and Google SmartTap 2.1.

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ViVOpay Vendi can be integrated with most vending machines to provide convenient card and mobile payments.

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