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The ViVOpay VP8800 is an EMV Contact, Contactless/NFC and MagStripe PIN pad payment solution ideally suited for countertop environments.

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The ViVOpay 8300 is an MSR, EMV, Contact, Contactless countertop payment solution, packaged in an attractive and eyecatching design.

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ID TECH Augusta for a simple upgrade path without the overhead and complexities of a full PIN pad solutions.

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The ID TECH SREDKey is the ideal choice for securely capturing MSR and keyed-in data entry playing a key role in point to point encryption solutions.

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The ID TECH SecuRED is a certified PCI SRED magnetic stripe card reader that encrypts card data at time of swipe.

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MiniMag II

The MiniMag™II Intelligent Reader can read up to three tracks of magnetic stripe card data regardless of swipe direction or speed.

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