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29 Aug: Vending Machine Card Readers: 4 Things to Know

If you’re an on-the-go person and don’t like waiting in lines for snacks or drinks, or if you’re at work and need a mid-afternoon caffeine kick, chances are you visited a vending machine a time or two. They’re quick and convenient with no human interaction. Besides the once in a while frustration of trying to shake your bag of pretzels loose from the last rung of the vendor when it gets stuck, the machine is probably pretty stress-free. But what about those times when the machine doesn’t give your change back, or worse yet, doesn’t take your crumpled bills? Newer vending machines are being equipped with chip card reading technology, and its important to understand the changing technology. 1. You Don’t Need a Chip-Enabled Card to Use a Vending Machine…yet Not…

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07 Sep: The Efficiency of Mobile Payments

What are Mobile Payments? Mobile payments are defined as transfers of funds using mobile telecommunications networks or diverse mobile devices in both the initiation and confirmation of the payment. The location of the payer and the supporting infrastructure are not the key factors characterizing mobile payments. The payer may be on the move or at a Point of Sale (PoS). The payment may be processed by credit cards or by a prepaid wallet. Funds can be transferred and deducted from the prepaid amount or billed by the mobile network operator. Mobile payment solutions often add more value to the payment and bundle loyalty offers, advertising platforms, and other value-added services to the payment transaction. Consumer use of mobile banking applications for mobile payment solutions is accelerating at a rapid pace. In…