09 Sep: Why “Pay and Go” Kiosks are the Future of Payments

Each month, bills come around. There’s no avoiding them, and there’s no stopping them. Although many companies are opening their payment methods up to online payment options, there are still customers who prefer to pay with cash or check, or simply don’t want their credit card information online. Pay and go kiosks are the solution to this. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also convenient for customers. The kiosks can be used internally and externally, so if the business is closed and a customer still needs to pay a bill, they can use the outdoor kiosk or go to kiosks located in a convenience store or mall — two options that are typically open past normal business hours. They are a great alternative to paying online or…


09 Sep: Do Self Service Kiosks Actually Save Time?

These days, it seems that people will do anything to save a bit of time. Businesses and banks have been responding accordingly, offering new ways to pay that are both more secure and more time-friendly. One of the ways businesses have created a payment shortcut is by introducing self-service kiosks to their checkout lines. You might have seen them during your last coffee run to McDonald’s or your last lunch break at Panera Bread. Rather than waiting in line for everyone to order one burger with everything, one burger with no pickles and one burger with ketchup only and then count out 72 cents after they’ve finished placing an order, you can pop your order into the freestanding kiosk, swipe your card and wait for the order to show up at…