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Touch Dynamic

See how Touch Dynamic integrated ID TECH’s MiniSmart II and Securehead OEM modules into their latest generation workstations.

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See how Buzztime proudly uses the Unipay 1.5 and VP3300 in their entertainment and gaming applications.

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See how BluePay integrated ID TECH’s Augusta S into their latest generation Virtual Terminal or a browser-based payment form.

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See how Goodbox proudly uses the VP3300C and VP3300 OEM in their payment hardware applications.

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See how ACTOLL used the VP3300C in a one-of-a-kind contactless donation payment device for the Catholic Church in Paris, France.

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See why Swyft used ID TECH’s unattended payment bundle in their automated retail solutions.

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See why MPLUS chose to partner with ID TECH on their new mobile POS solutions.

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See how Shuttle used ID TECH’s SecureMag to create new possibilities in POS applications.

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ID TECH Partners with Bluefin on PCI-Validated P2PE Solutions

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