CASE STUDY: Elevate the Dining Experience with ID TECH’s VP3300

Elevate the Dining Experience with Samsung Tablets Integrated with ID TECH’s VP3300

ID TECH is enhancing speed of customer service in BJ’s restaurants with the VP3300, in partnership with MTECH and Samsung. BJ’s management team worked with MTech Mobility to devise a custom solution with ID TECH’s mobile payment device, leveraging rugged Samsung tablets and custom peripheral designed by MTech to address these issues.

The Challenge

BJ’s was an early adopter of mobile technology in its restaurants, so they knew the value of equipping servers with the right devices. But the limited functionality of their existing tablets—including battery life and connectivity issues—were causing backups at stationary point of sale (POS) terminals and kept BJ’s servers from providing the highest level of service to customers. 

The previous tablets also weren’t waterproof. For a restaurant environment with wet surfaces like bars, tabletops and dish pits, this durability is critical. The main issue, though, was troubleshooting time. MTech Mobility, BJ’s longtime managed mobility services provider, did their best to keep up with service and repairs, but they knew their client needed a new solution.

The Solution

MTech also went onsite to consult with restaurant servers and observe how they used their devices. On MTech’s suggestion, BJ’s chose to implement rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active tablets, which were then integrated with ID TECH’s VP3300 and deployed to BJ’s restaurants nationwide.

“We explained the value and customization abilities of Samsung’s product line and devised a streamlined service solution,” says MTech CEO Tony Fernandez, “which included procurement of the devices, setup, peripherals and security, software and life cycle management—all for under $30 per device per month.”


The Result

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active tablets integrated with MTech’s custom case and managed services brought a dramatic improvement: device failures decreased instantly. Feedback from servers has been overwhelmingly positive. Wait times for stationary POS stations plummeted—practically overnight—and servers can now be confident their tableside orders will be rung up accurately and in a timely fashion.

Most importantly, the guest experience was instantly elevated. With orders being rung up and sent to the kitchen before servers have even left the table, orders are “working” the moment a ticket comes through. This translates to shorter wait times for guests and quicker table turns—and higher earnings for servers.

Explore how ID TECH, MTech, and Samsung crafted a solution to host flexible, fast payments for BJ’s Restaurant customers leveraging ID TECH’s VP3300 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active Tablet. Our Solution in Action

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Slide Samsung As a global leader in enterprise mobility and information technology, Samsung provides business products and services that help customers realize the promise of digital business. Our portfolio spans smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and wearables, as well as digital displays, monitors, hospitality TVs and solid state drives. We are committed to putting the business customer at the core of everything we do by delivering comprehensive products, solutions and services across diverse industries including education, federal government, finance, healthcare, hospitality, public safety, retail and transportation. VIEW THEIR WEBSITE Slide BJ's Brewhouse BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, a family-friendly pub-style restaurant, operates more than 200 locations in 30 states. The brand’s pizza joint roots—which feature a Southern California twist on Chicago-style deep dish—remain strong, but over the years BJ’s expanded its menu and developed an award-winning craft beer program. A typical BJ's seats 250 people—47 percent more than the average restaurant—so it's especially critical that operations run smoothly and efficiently. VIEW THEIR WEBSITE Slide MTech MTech Mobility is a global leader in providing comprehensive lifecycle and repair services for devices of any kind. MTech is unique in that it offers the industry’s most robust set of mobility and IT services for the enterprise, including device preparation and deployment, 7x24x365 multi-lingual helpdesk support, advanced exchange & warranty management, in and out of warranty repair services, telecom expense management services and more. Through its headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, and satellite locations around the world, organizations turn to MTech to offload the heavy lifting associated with deploying, supporting, managing, repairing and refreshing devices for their workforce. VIEW THEIR WEBSITE

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