7 Key Features to Look for When Shopping Mobile Payment Devices

Mobile payment readers have revolutionized the way businesses of all sizes accept payments. For small brick-and-mortar stores, food truck owners, independent contractors, or even large enterprises looking to deploy a line busting solution or tablet-based Point of Sale, having the right mobile payment reader is crucial for a smooth and efficient payment process.
With many options on the market, knowing what features to look for is essential. Here are some key features to consider when shopping for a mobile payment reader:

1. Support of Multiple Payment Methods

First and foremost, make sure the payment reader is capable of processing credit and debit cards (including magstripe cards and EMV chip cards), contactless payments, and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you are looking for a payment device that accepts a variety of payment methods, ID TECH’s VP3350 all-in-one payment reader will meet your needs. Learn more about this product here: VP3350

2. Payment Security

Security is paramount in payment processing. Before diving deep into other features, you must ensure the payment peripheral is EMV compliant and offers end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive customer data.

3. User-Friendly

Make sure that the card reader has an intuitive interface. Playing a critical role in the customer’s transaction, a payment reader that is simple and easy to use will not only speed up the check-out process but also improve the overall shopping experience.

4. Compatibility

If you have a mobile POS system, confirm the mobile payment reader can be integrated with yoursmartphone or tablet. Mobile payment readers typically use Bluetooth, audio jack, USB, or Apple Lightning connections. Ensure the reader easily connects to your POS terminal or mobile devices, and consider the convenience of wireless options like Bluetooth.

To facilitate the integration, the VP3350 mobile payment reader comes in USB-C, Apple Lightning and BLE versions. See how this innovative product can work seamlessly with POS systems running on different operating systems: VP3350

ID TECH NEO 3 VP3350 comes with USB-C, Bluetooth or Lightning

5. Stay active 24/7

To ensure that the mobile POS solution is always charged and ready to go, consider pass-through charging for mobile payment readers that are physically connected to a tablet or phone. By connecting the payment reader to its power supply, and connecting the reader to the mobile device, pass through charging enables the power supply to charge your mobile devices while also powering the payment reader.

6. Durability and stability

If you’re looking for a payment product for businesses on the move or having a high sales volume, the durability and stability of the payment device is critical. You will need a product with a robust construction and a decent level of water and impact resistance rate to withstand frequent use in various environments.

7. Portability and flexibility

A compact, slim-design payment device will fit your needs whether you are running a mobile business with limited counter space or looking for a payment peripheral for a chic self-service kiosk.

In conclusion, choosing the right mobile payment reader is a significant decision for any business that deals with payments. Finding the best mobile payment device for your needs can streamline your operations and contribute to overall business success.

To fulfill the need for a compact, robust, and easy-to-use wireless payment device, ID TECH developed the VP3350 all-in-one payment reader. Here we list just a few of its features:

• Ready for all payment methods, including EMV chip cards, NFC contactless cards, magstripe cards, and mobile wallets.
• PCI PTS 6.X SRED with the latest EMV certificate.
• The first EMV payment device to achieve MFi Certification for Apple’s Lightning Connector, and also available in USB-C and Bluetooth versions.
• Ready to be integrated with POS systems seamlessly via SDK.
• Supports pass-through charging, perfect for mobile POS terminals such as tablets.
• Optional charging base stand available for more flexibility.

ID TECH VP3350 Mobile Payment Reader

Please visit the ID TECH VP3350 Product Page to learn more about this all-in-one mobile payment device

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