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MiniSmart™ Partial Insert Reader
(MIN85 Series)



General Information:

-Size: 1.06 x 2.28 x 0.34 inches (L x W x H)
-Interfaces: RS232, RS232 PC/SC, RS232(UART), USB & Direct connect options

The MiniSmart has a unique size, which distinguishes it from all other smart card readers in the industry. With its small envelope, it can be integrated into almost any application. The MiniSmart features GemCore technology from Gemplus and is available with RS232 PCSC & UART interfaces. It also comes in a version for direct contacts connection. Both products have landing style contacts, with a reliability of 500,000 card cycles. MiniSmart is an extremely rugged, fully integrated smart card reader offering optional bezels and gates for harsh environment applications.

  • Operates with memory & CPU (T=0, T=1) smart cards
  • Features GemCore technology from Gemplus
  • Protocol communication layer support and drivers
  • Landing style smart card contact & card seated switch
  • Ruggedized reader design, molded from an engineering plastic
  • Operating life exceeds 500,000 card cycles
  • Bezels, gate and extended temperature options available