• ID TECH released its newest product: The Augusta, an EMV L1-L2 Chip and MagStripe Reader.


PCI SRED MagStripe Reader

PCI Certified Security

SecuRED is a PCI SRED (Secure Reading Exchange of Data) Certified magnetic stripe card reader. This intelligent reader, not only encrypts payment card data as it swiped through the device, but also provides the physical security and tamper resistance needed to achieve PCI SRED standards. ID TECH’s SecuRED allows customers the flexibility to choose a decryption party right for them and is needed for companies looking to certify a P2PE solution. When included within a P2PE certified solution, SecuRED, is a critical element leading to achieve merchant PCI scope reduction.

End to End Encryption

DUKPT key management is featured within the SecuRED and TDES or AES encryption algorithms are used to ensure the card holder data is handled and protected to meet the demanding and latest requirements of the payment industry. The SecuRED outputs both encrypted data and masked data which provides for flexibility to the host application.

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