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ID TECH Addresses Concern of Mobile Payment Security

CYPRESS, CA., – March 11, 2011 - The advent of credit card readers for mobile telephones has created a new paradigm for processing financial transactions, and in the process may have opened the door to theft of financial transaction data. You have undoubtedly heard the criticism of mobile phone readers that provide credit card data ‘in the clear’ (non-encrypted) to their host communications device, thereby allowing the opportunity for stealing card data before being transmitted to the financial transaction processor.

Of the many manufacturers of credit card readers for mobile communications devices, ID TECH ® is one of the few that has the commitment and technology behind its mobile card readers to ensure secure transmission of data from the point of swipe. All of ID TECH’s mobile readers, including the UniMag and iMag , encrypt three tracks of card data with financial industry proven and PCI approved Triple DES, or AES data encryption technologies with Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management. The credit card data is encrypted in the reader, which means card data is secure before leaving the reader. This makes it impossible for spyware, rogue application programs, or eavesdroppers to intercept un-encrypted (non-secure) data. By doing so, this ensures that the card data read by an ID TECH mobile reader is secured and NOT subject to credit card fraud. Use of the ID TECH UniMag audiojack magstripe reader or ID TECH iMag sleeve magstripe reader provides both merchants and customers with confidence when handling payment through their mobile devices.

A listing of the mobile smartphones and other mobile communication devices that ID TECH mobile card readers work with can be obtained at www.idtechproducts.com.


ID TECH is a global leader in the Auto ID industry with sales, manufacturing and R&D facilities around the world. The company has become a well-established payment solutions provider with extensive experience in data capturing and encryption products and services. Designing dependable, feature-rich products has made ID TECH a leading supplier of MagStripe readers/writers, mobile payment readers, smart card readers, barcode readers, POS keyboards, signature capture devices, PCI-compliant PIN pads, and other specialty products for OEMs, VARs, resellers, distributors, and key end users. ID TECH provides both standard and custom solutions to support customer requirements. For more information about ID TECH, please call 1-800-984-1010 or visit www.idtechproducts.com.

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