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ID TECH Success Story
Product: Insert Reader
Market: Parking
Customer: Digital Payment Technologies

Business Challenge:
To provide a rugged and reliable solution for parking kiosks.

The Players

ID TECH designs and manufactures a wide range of automatic identification products and components, which include magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless card reader/writers, bar code readers, CCD scanners, POS Keyboards, and secure PIN entry products. ID TECH supports its customers with standard products and custom solutions for the point-of-sale, hospitality, access control, transportation, gaming and kiosk industries.

Digital Payment Technologies is a leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of electronic parking meters, management software and online services for the multi-billion-dollar parking industry. The company’s products provide complete financial tracking, control and reporting on parking revenue collected by cities, municipalities, universities, parking management companies, private operators and parks, from customer payment through to bank deposit. In 2007, the British Columbia Technology Industry Association named DPT Emerging Company of the Year.

The Challenge

Single-space parking meters that take only coins are becoming a thing of the past. Parking operations are becoming more complex, and so is policy in municipal government. To meet these changes, Digital Payment Technologies Corp. develops solutions for the multi-billion dollar parking industry that offer more payment options, better revenue opportunities and lower cost of ownership. They are easier for people to use, and easier for operators to maintain. In 2004, DPT introduced the LUKE pay station to move the company into the large and more competitive on-street municipal market. LUKE offers ease of use, security and flexibility and also adds new technical capabilities that include a color screen with full photographic and graphic support, an enhanced physical design and improved software flexibility and online services. Recognizing that off-street parking shouldn’t be limited to old-fashioned choices either, DPT launched the SHELBY in 2005. SHELBY replaces the traditional slot box in a parking lot providing improved security and more payment options. Both LUKE and SHELBY pay stations provide multiple payment methods, real-time operations and advanced user functionality. To ensure peak functionality, Digital Payment Technologies needed a custom-designed, ruggedized card reader which accepts a variety of magstripe payment cards and smartcards. The readers needed to function reliably under all types of weather and temperature conditions. The company also needed a card reader that was designed for minimal power consumption, and that met Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. "For cities and businesses in the parking industry, compliance to the PCI standards is mandatory," said Peter Orr, senior product manager with Digital Payment Technologies. "Failure to understand and meet the requirements can result in significant fines, and perhaps more importantly, the risk of a security breach and the loss of confidence by the parking public."

The Solution

To meet the growing needs of the parking market, DPT has adopted a strategy of delivering best-in-class solutions through continuous innovation and partnership with industry leading suppliers like ID Tech. "It is very important for ID TECH to work with partners like Digital Payment Technologies who are seen as experts in the industry – extremely knowledgeable and front-runners of new technologies,” said George Jiang, Vice President of ID TECH. “Our number one goal was to listen to their [Digital Payment Technologies] needs and create a custom solution to fit the requirements at a competitive cost.” In order to meet its needs, DPT worked with Cypress, Calif.-based ID TECH, which provided the company with custom-designed, ruggedized card readers that were resistant to vandalism and performed under a variety of conditions. The card readers ID TECH supplied are rated for at least 1.5 million uses. As the front end of the credit card transaction, the readers are a key element in assuring PCI compliant data management. “As the industry leader in pay station solutions for on-street and off-street operations, DPT works with suppliers to ensure that every link in the electronic payment process is PCI compliant," Orr said. "ID TECH’s work on advanced PCI 2.0 certified products demonstrates the company’s commitment to advanced data encryption products compliant with PCI- standards and requirements." DPT also leads the parking industry in its implementation of smartcard payment solutions. The flexibility of the ID TECH card reader helps DPT pay stations to support Blackboard payment cards on university campuses and to provide smartcards with recharge capability at the pay station to municipalities and off-street parking operations throughout North America. Several years ago, DPT engaged its component suppliers to optimize power consumption throughout the payment process at the pay station. Working to DPT specifications, ID TECH developed a new low-power credit card reader. In 2009, DPT introduced its RADIUS power management system, which leveraged ID TECH's card readers to effectively end the tradeoff between functionality and power consumption in solar-powered meters. DPT's latest generation pay station, LUKE with RADIUS technology, is a unique hardware and software combination that quickly activates payment options when they are needed, with minimal power usage. The security and power management capability provided by ID TECH is an important contributor to the success of the RADIUS product "By using a fraction of the power traditional meters need, RADIUS allows a solar powered LUKE to be installed virtually anywhere," Orr said. "RADIUS reduces the amount of power used by the LUKE pay station by up to 75 percent and minimizes the need to replace discharged batteries. ID TECH's sleep-mode enabled credit card reader helps the RADIUS platform to be extremely energy efficient, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and less impact on the environment." Municipalities throughout the United States and Canada have implemented the LUKE pay station. Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, is deploying between 750 and 1,500 LUKE pay stations within the city’s downtown core. “Early on, Digital Payment Technologies identified ID TECH as an industry innovator," Orr said. "We see ID TECH as a technology partner in building leading edge solutions for the parking industry. The two companies, DPT and ID TECH, have grown from recognized innovators to established leaders in their respective industries.”

Reprinted by permission of NetWorld Alliance.

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