• ViVOpay 4880 is the latest addition to our contactless family with MagStripe, EMV Contact and Contactless.


May 26, 2017 DotDashPay completes integration with ID TECH VivoPay devices, accelerating contactless payments and loyalty
May 9, 2017 EMV in a Day for under $150!
March 13, 2017 ID TECH and Worldnet achieve EMV certification through First Data
January 15, 2017 ID TECH RELEASES ViVOpay 4880 LINE
October 26, 2016 ID Tech - WorldNet
October 25, 2016 ID Tech - Datacap
October 24, 2016 ID-Tech-ACCEO-Tender-Retail
June 21, 2016 ID TECH Releases the SmartPIN K100™ PCI Certified Modular PIN Entry Device
June 16, 2016 ID TECH Releases the UniPay™ 1.5 Compact Magnetic Stripe and Contact Smart Card Reader
June 9, 2016 ID Tech Releases The Smartpin L100™, A Pci 4.x Certified Modular Pin Entry Device With Lcd Display
May 25, 2016 ID TECH Releases the UniPay™ III Mobile Audio Jack MSR, Smart Card, and Contactless Reader
April 12, 2016 ID TECH Releases the Augusta, a compact MSR-EMV Hybrid Card Reader
January 15, 2016 Creditcall and ID TECH to Provide Attended and Unattended EMV Solutions to Developers and Retailers
December 14, 2015 MiniSmart II
August 31, 2015 ID TECH Releases the ViVOpay Vendi, an NFC, Contactless EMV, and MagStripe Payment Reader
August 24, 2015 ID TECH Announces Strategic Partnership with IATA
August 17, 2015 ID TECH's UniPay Now Supports EMV Level 2
August 11, 2015 ID TECH Releases New NFC and Contactless EMV Reader: the ViVOpay Kiosk III
June 8, 2015 ID TECH's ViVOpay Contactless Readers Ready to Support Android Pay
April 4, 2015 TNS and ID TECH Ease EMV Upgrade Path with New Partnership
February 17, 2015 ID TECH Releases its Bluetooth MagStripe, Chip and PIN Payment Terminal: The BTPay 200
January 13, 2015 ID TECH Celebrates 30 Years of Business
November 3, 2014 ID TECH's New Chip and PIN Products Featured at Cartes Paris
October 27, 2014 ID TECH's Full Contactless Product Line is Compatible with Apple Pay
September 30, 2014 ID TECH's Contactless Readers Support Apple Pay
September 17, 2014 ID TECH's UniPay is Now Visa Ready
August 7, 2014 ID TECH Expands Product Offering with New Digital Display
July 7, 2014 ID TECH Releases ViVOpay Vend III, an NFC, Contact EMV, and MagStripe All-In-One Device
June 27, 2014 ID TECH Releases New PCI SRED Key Pad and MagStripe Reader: SREDKey
June 4, 2014 ID TECH's Approved mPOS Solutions of the Visa Ready Program
February 19, 2014 ID TECH's New PCI Certified PIN Entry Device: SmartPIN B100
November 25, 2013 ID TECH Releases New MagStripe and Smart Card Mobile Reader: UniPay
October 7, 2013 SecuRED: ID TECH's First PCI-PTS SRED Certified Product
July 2, 2013 TrustCommerce Partners with ID TECH for Point-to-Point Encryption Solutions
January 10, 2013 ID TECH Commits to Developing PCI SRED Card Readers to Enable "P2PE"
December 11, 2012 ID TECH Integrates with Merchant Link's Gateway, Tokenization and P2PE Solutions
August 16, 2012 ID TECH to Integrate First Data TransArmor Security Technology
August 1, 2012 ID TECH Introduces New IP 65 Rated Spectrum Air Outdoor Insert Reader
June 26, 2012 Shift4 Partners with ID TECH to Add Point-to-Point Encryption
May 21, 2012 ID TECH Releases New Product Line
April 9, 2012 ID TECH Releases New Shuttle Two Track Secure Credit Card Reader for Mobile Devices
March 28, 2012 ID TECH Releases New Color LCD Display Signature Capture Pad
May 25, 2011 ID TECH Introduces New SecureKey M Series Encrypted Keypads
May 4, 2011 TGate Announces Partnership With ID TECH
March 11, 2011 ID TECH Addresses Concern of Mobile Payment Security
September 21, 2010 ID TECH Joins Voltage SecureData Open License Program
February 22, 2010 The Washington National Cathedral: Supporting a Mission
December 17, 2009 ID TECH Joins Industry Network Alliance - Secure POS Vendor Alliance
December 7, 2009 Parking Payment Solutions Require Rugged Card Readers
October 9, 2009 ID TECH Releases Secure Magnetic Card Reader
September 23, 2009 Rugged Reader Manufacturer Help Keeps Redbox Units Functioning in Tough Conditions
August 24, 2009 New Point of Sale Programmable Keyboard
July 17, 2009 Purchasing an MSR: What You Need to Know
July 14, 2009 ID TECH Success Story: Cypress PD
June 22, 2009 ID TECH Announces - Key Injection Certification
ID TECH now offers TG-3 and VISA PIN Certified key injection services
March 9, 2009 ID TECH Promotes Roberto Palumbo To VP Of Sales
Global Card Reader And POS Product Manufacturer Taps Industry Veteran To Drive Sales Strategies In The Americas And Europe
March 2, 2009 ID TECH Appoints Industry Veteran To Head Up Sales And Marketing In Asia
Tesla Yuan Joins Leading Card-Reader Product Supplier As Vice President
March 2, 2009 ID TECH Increases Sales Presence In South-East Asia And The Middle East
Global Card-Reader Product Manufacturer Hires Veteran To Focus Solely On Growing Business In Growing Markets
Jan. 7, 2009 ID TECH Launches Innovative Mi niMag Duo - Dual-head Swipe Reader
January 7, 2009 MiniMag Duo Press Release
Oct 1, 2008 ID TECH Announces - MasterCard PayPass Certification
Sep 2, 2008 ID TECH Announces - Triple track MagStripe Decoding ASIC, TriMag
Sep 21, 2007 ID TECH Introduces Compact-Size POS Keyboard - VersaKey 230
Mar 20, 2007 ID TECH announces full product compatibility with Windows Vista
Feb 26, 2007 ID TECH Acquires Full Ownership of IDTLA and ID TECH Taiwan
Feb 09, 2007 ID TECH introduces SmartPIN an Encrypting PIN Entry Device for POS

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